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One Island East; One Island East;

One Island East, Hong Kong

A super skyscraper with sustainable high-grade concrete

Located at Quarry Bay, Hong Kong, One Island East is a 308m-high skyscraper with 68 storeys above ground and two basement levels. It is the tallest building in the eastern area of Hong Kong Island.

Arup provided civil, structural, geotechnical, facade and fire services for the project.

The building is a pioneering project in Hong Kong, making extensive use of grade 100 high-strength concrete in walls and columns. 

Project Summary

308m tall skyscraper

14,000materials were saved, resulting in minimal waste and reduced CO2 emissions from transportation

Choosing grade 100 concrete rather than grade 60 brought a number of benefits.

14,000m³ of materials were saved, resulting in minimal waste and reduced CO2 emissions from transportation. The strength of the concrete meant that bulky structural elements could be avoided and the usable internal floor area significantly increased.

3D modelling

The project also pioneered the application of building information modeling (BIM) to improve design coordination and work planning, reducing construction time and cost. The complex outrigger details were reviewed three-dimensionally using BIM, and potential problems identified and resolved in advance. The model was then handed over to the management office to facilitate building management.

Application of Building information modeling (BIM) to improve design coordination and work planning, reducing construction time and cost. © Gammon Construction

Award-winning engineering

One Island East won the Grand Award at the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers/Institution of Structural Engineers Joint Structural Division Structural Excellence Awards 2009 for innovative design that is sensitive to local environmental and climate change issues.

©Marcel Lam Photography