The MDA government authority headquarters, where we provided ICT, AV and media consultancy. Image: Jim Read, Arup; The MDA government authority headquarters, where we provided ICT, AV and media consultancy. Image: Jim Read, Arup;

New IT infrastructure at One North, One North, a new 200ha technology park

Transforming business operations at One North.

The MDA is the Singapore government authority responsible for industry regulation and promoting digital and physical media. Following its move to new premises in the heart of One North, a new 200ha technology park which is also home to Fusionopolis, the MDA wanted to create a new IT infrastructure to transform its business operations.

IT and media infrastructure

Arup’s ICT consultants undertook the design and delivery aspects of the IT and media infrastructure, whilst our acoustics team addressed the office environment, including the size, shape and fit-out of meeting rooms, the displays, and how the users would interact with the equipment.

As lead advisor and design consultant for ICT, audio visual and multimedia systems, Arup’s role was to create a new digital working environment that could accommodate the MDA’s increasing workflow. We delivered a fully networked HQ with high-speed, high-capacity wired and wireless networks, and multimedia distribution systems for content acquisition, storage and playback.

Huge storage and processing capability

Due to its broad classification remit, which includes print and publishing, film, performing arts and broadcast, the MDA requires an extraordinary amount of media to be collected and stored within a centralised repository. Huge media storage and processing capacity was therefore essential, along with the capability to acquire content from broadcast signals, cable TV and the internet, and access to the content from any desk, directors’ offices, meeting rooms and the boardroom.

Through intense programme and project management activity, Arup successfully delivered outcomes that allowed the MDA to resume operations in its new premises without undue disruption.

A highly responsive service

Our solution involved an integrated network, digital content management and distribution architecture that delivers scalable, adaptable, and resilient infrastructure that is ready for the IT of the future. This resulted in a reduction in total cost of ownership and a highly responsive service for end users.

The new infrastructure allows a vast range of IT, audio visual, CCTV and digital media distribution applications to be transported on a high-availability and secure IP network. Arup’s design has enhanced the MDA’s operational and performance efficiencies in real estate and human resources.