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Opus Hong Kong exterior view; Opus Hong Kong exterior view;

Opus Hong Kong, Hong Kong

How do you transform the designs of a visionary architect into a sustainable reality?

Visionary architect Frank Gehry drew inspiration from Hong Kong’s breath-taking scenery to design a stunning flower-inspired building – and we turned this extraordinary concept into a reality.

It all started with a flower

Award-winning architect Frank Gehry based his highly unconventional Opus Hong Kong designs on Hong Kong’s signature bloom, the beautiful bauhinia flower. And through extremely sophisticated workmanship, we shaped this incredible vision into a sustainable, luxury, residential twelve-story building.

Extraordinary design requires extraordinary engineering

We provided total engineering services from design to completion, gathering a team of experts with the technical ability needed to make a building as structurally sound as it is beautiful.

Project Summary

1st Frank Gehry's Asian residential complex

12apartmentsluxury residential

31%Annual electricity consumption reduced

Matching form with function

We then developed a unique structural system that includes irregular floor plates, column-free floor slabs and slender external steel columns with glass cladding. These twist around the building like reeds swaying in the breeze – and what’s more, pushing the columns to the externals gives the client the flexibility to change the interior in future.

How do you convey movement in a stationary building?

Unlike most box-like residential buildings in Hong Kong, Opus is designed as a curved, organically shaped tower, and our challenge was to turn this concept into a buildable structures. We used computer modelling and advanced computer analyses to realise the design.

Opus Hong Kong Opus Hong Kong

We reduced the building’s power consumption

The Opus’ floor-to-ceiling glass walls provide both stunning views of the city and natural ventilation and lighting. We also installed energy efficient water pumping, a motion detection CCTV system, and making the building fully equipped for battery electric vehicles, all of which help to reduce the building’s annual electricity consumption by 31%.

A building future generations will love

Opus signals a shift away from the soaring, heavily-partitioned high-rise buildings that engulf Hong Kong’s skyline. Frank Gehry wanted to make something incredibly beautiful that people will respect and love for generations. We made sure this vision was executed to perfection.