Oyster Wave Energy Converter.; Oyster Wave Energy Converter.;

Oyster wave energy converter, Scotland

Structural and foundation design for first-of-kind prototype device

As structural and foundation designer, Arup worked with the project team as the Oyster design developed and construction and installation arrangements were finalised.

Conditions on site were extremely challenging in ensuring foundation design integrity and successfully installing the device and its foundations on the sea bed.

Geotechnics of foundation materials

Arup’s scope included geological and geotechnical characterisation of foundation materials, foundation design exercises in conjunction with Aquamarine and Queen’s University Belfast.

The firm also reviewed and incorporated model test results into the design, conducted detailed design of prototype foundations and carried out engineering optimisation exercise for the foundation arrangement.

Award-winning collaboration

Arup’s collaboration with Aquamarine has helped them secure a number of innovation awards for the converter, including an Association of British Renewable Energy award in 2009.