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Palace 66, Shenyang

First retail property in China to receive LEED®-CS v2.0 Gold Certification.

Located at the financial and commercial hub of Shenyang, Palace 66 is a stunningly realised retail development that seamlessly integrates commercial necessity with building sustainability. This four-storey shopping mall with three levels of basement has a total gross floor area of 109,300m2.

The graceful curves of the roofs were inspired by the delicate low profile of the neighbouring Shenyang Imperial Palace built in the Qing Dynasty. The structure has no movement joints and the curved roofs are supported by a series of Y-shaped mega columns.

Project Summary

109,300 GFA for the 4 storey shopping mall

20% reduction in energy consumption compare to ASHRAE 90.1-2004 baseline requirement

30% reduction in potential water use annually

Sustainability features

The first LEED-CS Gold certified property in mainland China , Palace 66 integrates a wide scope of building sustainability features. Building Integrated Photovoltaics in the skylight design supply approximately 1% of the building's energy needs. High solar reflectance index aluminium roof coating reflects the excess solar heat, mitigating the heat island effect in the city centre.

Energy and water saving

The building also features groundwater-sourced heat pumps, variable-speed chillers, heat recovery systems, demand ventilation control, air-side economiser and high-performance low-emissivity glazing. All these help to reduce energy consumption to 20% less energy than ASHRAE 90.1-2004 baseline calculated levels.

Palace 66 is also an exemplar in water and waste management. All sanitary fixtures are designed with low-water flows, which helps reduce potential water use by over 30% annually. A dedicated material storage room is provided for recyclable waste collection and storage during operation.

Y-shaped mega columns supporting the curved roofs

A sky garden

The building delivers a pleasing environment that improves shopping experience. A sky garden is designed on the fourth floor with environmentally-appropriate landscaping including native and drought-tolerant species.