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Panasonic Centre Osaka; Panasonic Centre Osaka;

Panasonic Centre Osaka, Osaka

First LEED Platinum certification in Retail category in Japan.

Opened in April 2013, Panasonic Center Osaka, a new flagship showroom of Panasonic becomes a landmark building in 'Grand Front Osaka'. This is a major redevelopment project next to Osaka station.

This flagship store aims to promote a variety of environmentally-friendly initiatives to all walks of life, including kids, housewives as well as architects and contractors.

Pioneer of sustainable development

As a pioneer of sustainable development of new technology, Panasonic Corporation aims to incorporate the concept of 'Global Communications Hub' in the new flagship showroom. To prove their determination in achieving this goal, they decided to get LEED Platinum certification for this new project.

The client appreciated our understanding of their business, and appropriate instructions to the teams. The success of this project brings us a stronger relationship with client and more collaboration opportunities with Panasonic Corporation.

First eco-conscious retail facility in Japan

Arup played a critical role in achieving the LEED Platinum certification for the project. With extensive global and local experience in LEED consultation, we have provided useful advice to the client, design team and contractors in a timely manner. At the beginning of the project, we held intensive workshop sessions to understand the client's business and to explain to them and the design team what LEED is about. 

Panasonic Center Osaka has been awarded LEED Platinum certification with a score of 86, and became the first project in Japan to achieve platinum level within the LEED-CI retail category.

Keys to LEED Platinum

Sustainable design is applied to a wide range of sanitary products, lighting fixtures, building materials and home appliances. Products or services which contribute to LEED certification include

  • Energy-saving initiatives with optimum zoning and integrated, sensor-based control of air conditioning system using Panasonic's 'Airtegra' monitoring system
  • Water-saving and water recycling system for toilets
  • Occupancy sensors and daylight sensors for lighting
  • Panasonic’s delivery service to reduce the car use