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Parinee Tower, Mumbai

160m office tower in Bollywood

Parinee Tower is a landmark project located at the centre of the Indian movie production area in Bollywood, Mumbai. The 160m tower is designed to provide modern office spaces for a wide range of business occupants including several creative companies in the movie industry.

Arup provides the facade engineering along with multimedia and lighting consultancy services for the building.

The building's façade will be integrated with LED screens and various lighting features for multimedia displays. The façade consists of 15 large LED displays arranged in six groups on various levels; the displays will show individual or combined visual content.


Project Summary

160m office tower



The transparent display setup allows sun light into the building, which reduces the amount of indoor lighting needed in the day time, thus reducing electrical energy consumption and carbon emissions.

A sophisticated automatic camera system will support the monitoring and management of the façade display system, and be used to capture live images of guests during events which can be projected in real-time to make the building an entertainment attraction.