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Pearl River Delta water conveyance system feasibility studies, Pearl River Delta

Tackling water supply imbalances in the Pearl River Delta

Arup will investigate the feasibility of building an aqueduct system in the Pearl River Delta to tackle the region's east-west imbalance in water resources and consumption.

Water shortages are a major issue for the highly urbanised east side of the Pearl River Delta. Currently, the Nansha area of Guangzhou relies solely on the lower stream of the North River for water supply. Meanwhile, Shenzhen and Dongguan draw water from the East River.

A new west-east aqueduct would effectively change the water supply pattern of the region and alleviate water shortages brought about by rapid urbanisation. It will also help to reduce the demand on the East River during the dry seasons and maintain a stable water supply, achieving more sustainable development.

Project Summary

2 separate feasibility study for water conveyance cystem for Pearl Region

The project is one of the water infrastructure improvement ideas prioritised by the State Council of China. Arup will optimise the layout of the aqueduct system as well as optimising the design for troubleshooting and maintenance of the deep water supply line.