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Banco Santander Call Centre, Querétaro

A call centre providing customer service to clients worldwide.

In order to provide customer service to all its clients world-wide, the Banco Santander has built a call centre in Querétaro, Mexico.

Arup collaborated with Estudio Lamela, providing facade and sustainability engineering in collaboration with Mexican architects Springall-Lira.

The building consists of two parts. The ground floor, measuring 9m in height, opens up to a large piazza. The first floor rests on three cylinders carrying vertical building services, and measures almost 20m high with an area of 6000m2.

Double skin façade

The upper level cladding consists of a double skin façade. Whilst the exterior aluminum and perforated panels sieves the strong Mexican light, the interior curtained wall creates a comfortable and tranquil space for the offices.

Arup´s consulting services also included material selection, construction strategy, natural light analysis and energy efficiency.

The length of each skin is more than 350m. To ensure a luminous interior, three circular patios with panoramic lifts have been created.

Arup's SPeAR, a project appraisal methodology, was used on the project. The system is a tool for rapid review of the sustainability of projects, plans, products and organisations.