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Railway Line No1, Warszawa Zachodnia - Skierniewice

Feasibility study of railway line with biggest rail traffic volume in Poland.

Railway Line Number One is an arterial line between Katowice and Warszawa. This railway line has the biggest rail traffic volume in Poland and the maximum speed will be upgraded from 120km/h to speed 160km/h.

Arup involvement in the projects consists of a feasability study for this modernisation. The scope of the project include track systems, telecommunications, automatics, electrical power engineering to 1kV, non-traction power system lines, electricity, tunnels, viaducts and bridges and platforms, roads, passages and railway crossings and detection of faults.

The project required full economic and financial analyses in accordance with 'Blue Book', the guidelines for EU rail infrastructure projects.

Arup scope of service includes traffic analyses, concept design of railway line modernisation regarding roads, passages, railway crossings, tunnelsbridges and platforms as well as cost-benefits analyses.

Jedna ze stacji przeznaczona do modernizacji na linii kolejowej nr 1. Jedna ze stacji przeznaczona do modernizacji na linii kolejowej nr 1.
One of the stations to be modernised on the route.

In addition, Arup is also responsible for the documents describing the cost of "design and build" contract as well as the documents required in order to get a building permission.