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Renova Research Centre, Moscow

A new office annex laboratories complex near Moscow.

Renova Research & Development Centre is a new complex near Moscow that will house several scientific companies.

Arup is responsible for the sustainable concepts, electrical and mechanical engineering and structural design.

Russian Silicon Valley

Approximately 19,000m2 of office space and laboratories will be available for the fast developing market of high-tech companies. 

The idea for the Russian version of Silicon Valley was launched by the former president Dmitri Medvedev in March 2010. The competition included the sketch design as well as the preliminary design. Building this high-tech centre will enable Russia to diversify away from the traditional economies and capitalise upon the development of the latest technologies.

LEED Certificate

The design is a product of the cooperation between EGM Architects, DRC International and Arup. The complex will be realised following the LEED (‘Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design’) sustainability standard.

Contributing the LEED Design, the following aspects were taken into account: location, water efficiency, energy and emission, materials, quality of interior climate and innovations.

The air is used in the offices, and let out either via the patio in the summer or is led to to the laboratories using an extra filter to reuse the warmth. Furthermore, the building is equipped with atria and courtyards, to provide daylight and fresh air.