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Resonanz; Resonanz;

Festival of Lights, Berlin

Creating an immersive landscape using light and sound

During the Berlin Light Festival in 2013, our sound and light installation, Resonanz, transformed the courtyard of Aufbau Haus. This is a centre for design and creativity, featuring a surreal, dreamlike and engaging public space. 

The temporary installation used overlapping layers of soft textile, directive sounds and carefully chosen coloured light sequences. This was to create a deep and stirring landscape of sounds and shadows amidst the flawless geometry of the complex. 

Throughout the Berlin Light Festival gallery openings, parties and architectural tours through the Aufbau Haus were organised to show guests the special character at night.
The outcome of the artwork was a remarkable collaborative effort between Sophie Valla Architects, acoustician Leonard Roussel and ourselves. We supported the project through the stages of concept, finish and dismantling.