View of Rijeka city. Image: Moarplease, Flickr; View of Rijeka city. Image: Moarplease, Flickr;

Rijeka Wastewater Environmental and Social Due Diligence, Rijeka

Environmental and social due diligence to a water company

Rijeka Water and Wastewater Company provides water supply and wastewater collection and treatment services to the City of Rijeka and eight neighboring cities in Croatia.

To increase the quality of water supply services, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) was considering financing the reconstruction of the water supply network and the extension of the wastewater collection network in the area.

As part of the EBRD´s consideration of a senior financial loan, we undertook environmental and social due diligence for the water company. Our services included determining the company’s environmental compliance status, including a review of corporate procedures and site visits to facilities.

The findings

Our analysis identified the extent to which existing documentation and project preparation activities met relevant EBRD performance requirements.

Finally, we produced an environmental and social action plan which set out the additional measures required to ensure compliance of the project with EBRD’s performance requirements alongside a stakeholder engagement plan.