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Riverside 66, Tianjin

One of the longest standalone structure

A centerpiece of Tianjin’s new commercial district, Riverside 66 redefines the connection between the adjacent Haihe River and the historic Heping pedestrian boulevard, regenerating the riverfront while creating a public experience for the city. 

Arup provided structural engineering, geotechnics and building sustainability consultancy for this top-notch retail facility.

Super shell

Riverside 66 features a prominent shell-like carapace which stretches over 380m - one of the longest standalone structures in China. This ‘super shell’ is constructed from 22 7-storey high structural ribs each about 100m long with a unique geometry, and over 10,000 panels of glass.

The iconic curved façade converges with the opposing south façade, forming a series of intentionally random ‘display boxes’ yielding a 6-storey contemporary backdrop in contrast to the historic context of Heping boulevard.

Project Summary

380m long super shell structure

10,000 panels of glass were used in the super shell structure

13% reduction in energy consumption

Riverside 66 features high atriums, an unique curved roof with highly complicated geometry and oddly-shaped floor plates.

Given Tianjin’s seismic conditions, double columns with opposing double structural ribs were used at seismic joints. At the centre of the mega-structure, the grand central atrium with unrestrained column over 50m offers an unobstructed view for the visitors. The receiving west atrium is a combination of architectural and structural effort in creating glazed steel enclosures standing over 35m tall, allowing visitors to engage the surrounding streets at every level.

The project won a Merit at the Structural Excellence Awards 2016 (Mainland/overseas projects) organised by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers Joint Structural division for its unique structural design.

The new meets the old

Skillfully integrated into the structure is the adjacent 100-year-old Zhejiang Xingye Bank building, creating a perfect fusion of the old and the new. A bridge connects the historic building to the mall, providing one-of-a-kind experience of both shopping and culture.

Special design considerations and close monitoring during construction stages were required to protect the historic building, as the excavation for a 3-level, 18m-deep basement was built in very soft ground with water table close to ground level.

© Zhou Ruogu Architecture Photography

Sustainability recognition

The project achieved LEED® Gold certification in 2015, and was named as ‘Best Innovative Green Building’ and ‘Best Retail Development’ in MIPIM Asia Awards 2015.