Sainte Anne Resort, Sainte Anne

Wave modelling determined the extent of offshore breakwaters needed to protect the main beach from erosion.

The Sainte Anne Resort and Spa is situated on its own private 225 hectare island. With the island previously undeveloped, this resort is totally self-contained in terms of its infrastructure including access roads, power generation, water supply and treatment and waste treatment.

Arup undertook wave modelling to determine the extent of offshore breakwaters which were necessary to protect the main beach from erosion. Other marine works include a jetty for transportation of guests and delivery of supplies.

One of the major challenges in working in such an isolated environment is that everything, materials and labour, must be procured from overseas. Arup liaised closely with the Seychellois contractor so that the design programme reflected the specific procurement constraints of the various materials. Many items had a very long lead-in time with delivery from South Africa, customs clearance and then onwards transport to the site.