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Sakhalin concrete gravity structure. Credit: Arup.; Sakhalin concrete gravity structure. Credit: Arup.;

Sakhalin concrete gravity structure, Sakhalin

Supporting offshore gas processing facilities in eastern Russia

Sakhalin is the largest island in Russia, located approximately 4,000 miles east of Moscow. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Sakhalin experienced an oil boom with extensive petroleum exploration and mining. The oil and natural gas reserves contain an estimated 14 billion barrels (2.2km³) of oil and 96 trillion cubic feet (2,700km³) of gas.

ExxonMobil approached Arup to perform a desktop study of proposed construction sites in East Russia and Sakhalin - including preparation of an initial site screening and evaluation matrix. We also performed a preliminary assessment of geological conditions and likely construction dock characteristics.

Arup was subsequently tasked with creating the preliminary design of two concrete gravity sub-structures and a construction site supporting gas processing facilities at offshore Sakhalin, construction site surveys and technical and environmental submissions followed by front-end engineering design.

When completed, the CGS will have a base dimension of approximately 90m x 100m with a float-out draft of 12m. The minimum dock and channel draft will have a depth of 13m.