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Samsun Kalın Railway, Samsun - Sivas

Modernisation of Samsun-Kalın Railway Line

Arup is working on 378km Samsun - Kalın Railway renewal project, where the single-track, un-electrified railway line in northern Turkey will be modernised under a design-and-build contract, where the contractor is Celikler-Gulermak-AZD consortium. This is a European funded project and one of the biggest renewal projects in Turkey so far. 


Arup is providing multidisciplinary engineering design services for both the preliminary and detailed design, including civil engineering, geotechnics, structures, bridges, assessment and strengthening, restoration of historical bridges, permanent way/track, drainage, tunnelling, Traffic Control Building (architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical) design services.


Assessment and strengthening of historically registered bridges together with architectural restoration projects, is one of the most important items in this project. The route is constructed in early republic time and bridges to be reserved are valuable for this reason. 41 bridges are registered and protected as historic heritage and will be assessed for increased axle load and earthquake affects.

Project Summary

85% of all costs funded by European Union

378kmlong railway

41bridges included

Key Facts

  • First of its kind in terms of total renewal and signalling with this magnitude in Turkey.

  • The renewal and signalisation of this railway line will greatly increase its capacity, safety and level of service, reducing traffic loads on the highway network.

  • Renewal of historically important for being one of the first railways of Turkish Republic which connects north of country to the rest.

Total modernisation of a historic railway

The Samsun-Kalın line will be completely closed for 2 years before it re-opens in December 2017 (updated as December 2018). The renewal and signalisation of the Samsun-Kalın railway line will contribute to the improvement of transport infrastructure, by improving safety and inter-modality on the future TEN-T Network in Turkey and maintaining an efficient and balanced transportation system.


Particularly, the project aims is to increase the share of passenger and freight traffic for rail transport compared with road transport by improving the level of service; reducing travel time and increasing train frequency; increasing capacity and the service quality for freight customers, in particular Samsun Port, between Samsun and Sivas (point of connection to Turkey’s principal east-west railway axis) via Kalın; reducing the traffic load on highways, thereby minimising accident risks.