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Saxion Enschede; Saxion Enschede;

Saxion Enschede, Enschede

High levels of comfort and low levels of energy consumption

Saxion University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest institutions for higher education and has several campuses. The new housing, a design by IAA Architects, consists of four buildings. Arup is responsible for building services design, fire engineering and building physics.

This project is part of a long-lasting collaboration between Arup and Saxion on the new buildings and renovations of several locations (in Enschede, Deventer and Apeldoorn). In order to enable innovation, client Saxion has deliberately chosen to work with a fixed team.

The collaboration led to the development of a new ventilation system, which replaced the traditional ducts by a raised floor. Clean air pushes used air upwards to the outlet at ceiling height, constantly surrounding the people with fresh air. The result is an excellent air quality and a flexible use of the space.

For this Saxion location we have taken the new system to the next level. Together with the installation supplier we developed an electronic valve, enabling separate ventilation regulation per space and creating a considerable energy saving.

The big real estate program enables Saxion to exceed the project boundaries and innovate step by step. This is a unique approach to the building sector, which is normally very project oriented
Hans Wichers Schreur Director Real Estate, Saxion