Solar Capital was announced as a preferred bidder for the SCDA3 75MW PV facility under the second window of South Africa’s renewable energy procurement programme (REIPPPP).

Solar Capital’s parent company, Phelan Energy Group Ltd, has a 20-year agreement with utility provider Eskom to supply the electricity generated by the SCDA3 facility to the grid.  

Arup was appointed by Solar Capital to ensure the project was delivered to the contract technical specifications and quality expectations. We delivered a number of services for the SCDA3 facility including construction, quality and commissioning monitoring with full-time site presence. We continue to provide performance guarantee verification and operations monitoring to maximise energy yield and overall plant performance over the lifetime of the plant.  

Building connections

Through our efforts to ensure a high level of construction quality, the project reached commercial operation with a much smaller than normal snag list. We have built a strong relationship with Solar Capital and are currently seen as the technical arm to their company. Our ability to react quickly to any issues that may arise allows us to continue working with the renewable energy investor effectively.

Arup continues to work with Solar Capital on this project in the operations monitoring phase, and on two further PV projects, undertaking the role of owner’s engineer. 


Arup have done a remarkable job in ensuring the facility is being built in accordance to the high quality we have set forth as Solar Capital and within a very short construction period, originally thought to be impossible. 

Leon De Klerk

Head of Operations, Solar Capital