Seventh of April University Campus, Zuwarah

Designed for maximum academic and social integration.

As part of recent social reforms and developments in the country, 27 new university campuses will be constructed across Libya.

Part of this development is the Seventh of April University Campus in Zuwarah, a city on the Mediterranean coast around 100km west of Tripoli.

The campus project was awarded to a design team of Arup and Group IAD Architects, Madrid.

Arup is providing structural, building services and infrastructure engineering services.

The project includes the design of 14 buildings which make up the campus – along with civil infrastructure works across 45ha.

The design applies the educational idea of ‘learn anywhere, any time’ and encourages maximum academic and social integration. Lecture theatres, IT pods and ‘egg pod’ study and meeting spaces, all clad in copper, provide ample flexible learning spaces.

This large-scale educational development is a collaboration between various expert consultants, brought together by Libyan government agency The Organisation for the Development of Administrative Centres (ODAC) and their London-based project manager, Hill International.

The planning concept for the campus is based around a meandering pedestrian ‘ribbon’ that links a series of interlocking courtyards enclosed by faculty buildings and support facilities. The intention is to create a compact, stimulating environment for teaching and academic development.

Faculty building designs feature variations tailored to specific functional and teaching needs of university departments.

The extensive use of integrated and adaptable IT services will fully support computer-based teaching methods.