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Sha Tau Kok; Sha Tau Kok;

Enhancement of Sha Tau Kok Rural Township, Hong Kong

A 20-month study of rural township and surroundings.

Arup has been appointed to undertake a 20-month planning study of the Sha Tau Kok rural township and surroundings covering an area of 338ha.

Situated within the frontier closed area in the northeastern corner of the New Territories, Sha Tau Kok, if not forgotten, is a mysterious "Forbidden Town" to most people in Hong Kong. It has a rich heritage and a glorious past, being the centre of the southern region before Hong Kong gained prominence in the last century. It also has a long history relating to the Hakka settlement of southern China dating back to the 16th century and because of its remoteness and restricted access, the rural setting of Sha Tau Kok has been retained.

Project Summary

20month planning study

338haland for Sha Tau Kok rural township and surroundings area

Arup will assist the government to revive and restore the township as an important part of Hong Kong's heritage and the settlement from central China to the south. To support the revitalisation plan to promote the cultural tourism in the closed area, Arup will focus its work on investigating the potential for the adaptive reuse of some of the Hakka villages.