Singapore is a highly developed city state in Asia, and by investing in a flexible sporting and cultural hub, its government hoped to build a reputation internationally and inspire grassroots participation and national sporting excellence.

Within easy reach of the city centre and international airport, Singapore Sports Hub is key in the city’s urban development plan and central to its vision for a recreation, entertainment, heritage and sustainable area for a healthy and active population. 

Arup led the stadium architecture, masterplanning and engineering on the extraordinary new Singapore national stadium, becoming Asia’s first integrated sport, leisure and lifestyle development - delivered with award-winning architecture. Singapore Sports Hub plays a critical role in building a sustainable and competitive advantage for the nation’s sports and entertainment tourism industry. In 2019, the Hub hosted 212 events with an annual footfall of 15 million people withing 3 years of opening. 

The project’s success was made possible through Arup’s Total Architecture approach, including the integration of our architecture, masterplanning, sports design, structural and environmental design experts working as one team with our partners and collaborators. It has been recognised by several major awards including the World Architecture Festival (WAF) ‘Sports Building of the Year’, with the stadium’s dome also holding a Guinness World Record. 

Ultimately, the project provides an integral bridge to Singapore’s community, with opportunities to deliver extraordinary experiences, either as a competitor, participant or spectator.

Singapore Sports Hub
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I have seen what the vision can be. I am just so thrilled that this vision can be delivered in Singapore. The beauty of this project means we have the validity to compete with the world in certain areas but at the same time be very relevant for the domestic market. 

Oon Jin Teik

CEO Singapore Sports Hub (Former)

Sports architecture 

Arup’s vision was for a vibrant leisure destination that was sustainable, cost-effective, and connected to the city and its community. These goals would help inform our design and engineering approach of a highly functional piece of architecture. 

The user experience came first, with the elegant and energy-efficient dome structure being the largest of its kind. This was developed using our bespoke parametric bowl generation software, providing shelter from Singapore’s tropical climate as well as an awe-inspiring event space that reinforces the crowd’s acoustic energy. The stadium’s moving design means the venue can adjust its seating to accommodate many different events, ranging from cricket and football to concerts, leaving no stone left unturned and making the project as cost-effective as possible.

At ground level, we used carbon neutral ventilation to deliver cool air for every seat. When the retractable roof extends, the stunning city skyline appears and allows the venue to send the supporter’s cheers out over the water to central Singapore, so the stadium can ‘talk’ to the city.