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Smart City Kowloon East, Hong Kong

Smart solutions to enhance wellbeing

Kowloon East (KE) is Hong Kong’s pilot area for exploring the feasibility of developing a smart city. An old industrial area and a former airport site, KE is being transformed into Hong Kong’s second Core Business District. We have been engaged by the Government to investigate the feasibility in terms of its strategies, challenges, constraints and opportunities in order to formulate a smart city framework for KE, propose smart city initiatives and formulate implementation strategies.

A shared vision

At the core of the smart city framework of KE is an innovation-oriented platform that fosters community engagement and cross-sector cooperation. Stakeholders, including government departments, IT sector, academics, research institutions, public utility companies and public transport operators, have been proactively engaged to seek collaboration opportunities on smart city development. A number of smart city-related projects are underway, using KE as a test bed to demonstrate how smart city solutions can be applied locally.

Empowered by technology

Information and communications technology is a key enabler for smart city solutions. We are working to accelerate the uptake of IoT solutions by formulating resolutions for various government departments with a view to enhancing people’s wellbeing and improving KE.  We have also proposed a number of proof of concept trials, with some already rolled out.  These include a crowd management system for major events, a persona-based and preference-based pedestrian navigation system, real-time energy consumption monitoring at household level, an illegal parking detection system, a real-time roadworks information system and an optimisation system for waste collection. 

Working alongside IT experts, we are providing advice on the digital infrastructure and cyber security to support IoT and future big data management for the smart city applications proposed under the study.

Scaling up

To trigger wider applications, we are examining the technical feasibility and cost of scaling up different smart city solutions, and looking into how easy it will be to retrofit the technology to ensure its longevity.