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SNCF Motianling Nature Reserve, Sichuan

An exemplar nature reserve embracing the concept of 'protection based on science'

Deep in the Motianling Mountain of northwestern Sichuan, the natural reserve is a significant habitat for endangered wild animals including panda, golden snub-nosed monkey, alpine musk deer, black bear and goral.

Arup provided conceptual masterplanning and environmental consulting for the nearly 130km² area covering a 111km² protected area and a 19km² expansion area.

Project Summary

13,000ha project site in Sichuan Province’s Pingwu County

1stland trust reserve in China

The protected area comprises forest acquired from a number of previous owners, where a variety of endangered species dwell. It is also one of the main corridors connecting giant panda habitats in the Min Mountain.

The expansion area is a smaller area to the South, separating the protected area from a number of small villages.

The project is designed to be an exemplary nature reserve that embodies the concept of 'protection based on science', encompassing best practices in protection management, scientific research, nature education and community development.