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Sound of Light; Sound of Light;

Sound of Light, Frankfurt am Main

Interactive sound and light installation for the German Architecture Museum

Our lighting and acoustic designers created an interactive installation for the Luminale 2014, a bi-annual festival for lighting design in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

The aim was to explore one of the most fascinating phenomena of light: the colour spectrum. Visitors of the German Museum for Architecture (Deutsches Architekturmuseum, DAM) were able to orchestrate a set of different light sources. While the spectral range of the chosen light was displayed, an individually programmed script generated a stunning, room-filling soundscape of the respective spectral curve.

The experiment started originally in London, where we translated wavelengths into sound frequencies. The idea was further developed in Berlin, transforming it into an audible and visually striking installation for the Luminale.

We have decided to make the colour spectrum of various light sources audible through a series of tones. Exciting and insightful moments awaited the visitors: light could be turned into sound. The transformation linked several senses together and fulfilled the room at the same time.
Joana Mendo Joana Mendo Lighting designer and project manager