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SE Queensland Infrastructure Plan, Queensland

Australia's largest infrastructure project

Working as a partner with the Queensland Government, Arup is co-ordinating the successful implementation of Australia's largest public infrastructure programme, the South East Queensland Infrastructure Plan and Programme (SEQIPP).

SEQIPP outlines a total investment of more than $107bn to provide the necessary infrastructure to manage sustainable growth across Australia’s fastest growing metropolitan region over the next 20 years. The programme incorporates around 300 projects across a range of asset classes, including roads, rail, public transport, ports, water, energy transmission and distribution, hospitals and health facilities, schools and tertiary education facilities, correctional and justice facilities, sporting and recreational facilities.

SEQIPP breaks new ground, both in its size and in the integrated nature of the investment projects. Acknowledging that a business as usual approach would not produce the necessary outcome, the Queensland Government established a Programme Management Office (PMO) in partnership with Arup and the Peron Group. The PMO, operating from the newly established Department of Infrastructure and Planning, performs a central coordination role in giving momentum to infrastructure reform.

The government’s partnership with the private sector in the establishment and development of the PMO has ensured that department staff are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to co-ordinate such a large programme effectively.