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Southern Auckland Economic Masterplan, New Zealand

Designing Southern Auckland for future economic success

We helped Southern Auckland explore a new economic and urban future by creating an economic masterplan for this emerging part of the city – the first of its kind in New Zealand.

Southern Auckland, on New Zealand’s North Island, is a growing region and home to over 350,000 people. Its developable land and proximity to nearby prosperous cities make the area a desirable place to live and do business. The region needed a new vision and significant investment from the public and private sectors to connect suburbs with new industries, employment opportunities and economic growth.

Working with Tātaki Auckland Unlimited, we connected economic strategy with urban planning, landscape architecture, and civil engineering to design a masterplan which could help create new opportunities for developers, businesses and residents.

The masterplan weaves suburbs together and provides a road map for future investment to drive sustainable growth for businesses, housing, employment and infrastructure. In a first for economic masterplanning in New Zealand, it brings together perspectives from a diverse group of stakeholders, including government, the private sector, landowners and iwi, to drive investment and policy alignment towards attracting the future employment potential in Southern Auckland.

Project Summary

1st economic masterplan for New Zealand

350,000+people live in Southern Auckland

5economic hubs

Proposing a holistic and impactful vision for Southern Auckland

An economic masterplan brings together the best of urban planning and economics. Unlike traditional economic or planning approaches, our approach links the physical environment to the most impactful opportunities for industry and employment.

Before partnering with Tātaki Auckland Unlimited, we were approached by several landholders in Southern Auckland who wanted us to advise them on development opportunities.

Rather than creating multiple conflicting masterplans for individual landowners, we instead proposed a holistic approach for the region to achieve the best outcomes for landowners, industry and communities. Southern Auckland’s local government listened to our proposal for an economic masterplan and agreed with our approach.

To make this work for Southern Auckland and ensure all stakeholder needs were represented, we worked with a steering group with people from government, industry, landowners, residents and iwi to inform our design and decision making.

Investors, industry and the community are already seeing the potential for this masterplan to drive new growth. This is more than a masterplan – it’s a real opportunity to reinvent Southern Auckland and cement a new, positive identity for the future. ” Jonathan Kinghorn Jonathan Kinghorn Principal | Cities, Planning and Design – Australasia Leader

Unlocking opportunities for business, industry and the community

After a stocktake of Southern Auckland’s existing location, planned transport infrastructure, existing industries and skills, we identified five economic hubs: health, construction, food and beverage, wool and textiles and circular economy.

Through analysis, we uncovered the untapped potential of these hubs to create economic and social value. We reviewed them against international best-practice economic masterplans, and focused on what we could adapt and scale for Southern Auckland.

Our team worked collaboratively to understand the spatial requirements of the identified economic opportunities and mapped these throughout the region with a land use plan. With the steering group, we tested ideas, gained feedback and stakeholder buy-in on the opportunities presented. Our team continually iterated to ensure our plan balanced economic, placemaking and community interests.

The masterplan creates easily adoptable and sustainable investment opportunities by ranking each opportunity by ‘development readiness’ and sorting them into work packages. This approach gives the public and private sector guidance to work together, create sustainable growth and confidence to plan future public and private investment decisions.

The core drivers of this economic masterplan are jobs and prosperity which will lead to a community that can work, live, play and thrive in proximity. And how to engage the spatial planning process to enable infrastructure and amenities to achieve the outcome, with reduced future travel patterns and carbon footprint. Arup delivered a robust and repeatable mechanism with the right blend of economic and spatial planning acceptable to the key stakeholders. ” Aldrin Thayalakal Principal Advisor – Infrastructure & Commercial, Tātaki Auckland Unlimited

Realising social value and economic outcomes for Southern Auckland

Our economic masterplan is already helping to realise new opportunities for South Auckland. Global manufacturer Fisher & Paykel is planning a 105ha campus for research, development and manufacturing, and plans are underway for new housing and a hospital development. With each new development secured, Southern Auckland will grow with considered precincts, quality housing and more diverse employment opportunities.

To fully realise the economic masterplan, we are committed to meaningful engagement with mana whenua, to support aspirations around economic prosperity, equity, social and cultural values, and enhancement of the natural environment.

This masterplan was developed with long-term economic and social prosperity as the core drivers and should help position Southern Auckland as the focal point for sustainable innovation and new industry. And on an accelerated basis. ” Gaurav Ahuja Gaurav Ahuja Principal | Finance and Economics – Australasia Leader