Nunawading Station © Peter Hyatt; Nunawading Station © Peter Hyatt;

Springvale Road Rail Grade Separation, Melbourne

AU$142m project delivered in just over seven months

Tackling the busy Springvale Road level crossing was a key part of the Victoria State Government’s AU$38bn transport plan. The plan aims to deliver a safer and more reliable rail network.

Removing the level crossing required the relocation of Nunawading train station and the lowering of the railway line so it would pass under the highway. The road bridge deck was also reconstructed. 

Arup worked in close collaboration with partners to deliver this project within a tight timeframe and with minimal disruption to rail and road operations.

Project Summary

$142m project

7 monthdelivery

The project has been delivered on time and on budget, and sets the benchmark for future projects. ”

John Brumby Victorian State Premier

To reduce construction time, Arup used 3D modelling with a high level of 4D schedule detailing. Modelling the construction sequence as well as the design allowed the team to show that a single whole-road closure would be better than a long period of lane closures.

A 10-day road closure was eventually chosen to replace 12 weeks of temporary lane closures. Rail shutdown was also reduced from 35 to 10 days. 

Breaking the design of the station into individual elements improved safety and ease of installation, and prefabrication of components cut construction time even further. 80% of the station was prefabricated in this way, allowing construction to continue in parallel with infrastructure works. 

Springvale Road Rail Grade Seperation © Peter Hyatt Springvale Road Rail Grade Seperation © Peter Hyatt

Reduced congestion and improved safety 

By successfully lowering the railway line under the road and relocating Nunawading station, the project has improved safety and reduced traffic congestion. Better facilities for bus and train commuters and safer pedestrian crossing conditions have also been achieved.

© Peter Hyatt