Exterior view of St Elizabeth Hospital; Exterior view of St Elizabeth Hospital;

St Elizabeth Hospital, Enumclaw, Washington

First LEED certified hospital in Washington State

St. Elizabeth Hospital is a new 90,000ft2 hospital that provides 26 beds, an emergency department, three operating rooms, an imaging department, and a roof-deck helipad for its patients. This LEED Silver hospital replaced the existing Enumclaw Regional Hospital. Located in rural western Washington, 45 miles southeast of Seattle, St. Elizabeth Hospital will serve residents and visitors as far away as Mt. Ranier.

Thanks to experience garnered working on hospital projects around the world, Arup's Seattle office team of structural, mechanical, electrical, and public health engineers were able to devise a number of sustainable solutions that offset the inherent energy intensity of the hospital’s equipment. These include using 100% outside air to ventilate clinical areas—an innovative approach to ventilation that minimises contagion and cuts costs by reducing the amount of ductwork required in the building.

Arup was challenged with designing both a robust service system to supply the hospital’s functionality and an equally robust structural system necessary for an essential facility located in a region of high seismic risk. Arup’s integrated design approach allowed both designs to evolve together, creating efficiency in both systems with open spaces and views aligning the architects’ vision of creating a warm, soothing environment for the patients.