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Stanford University’s Nanotechnology Building, Palo Alto, CA

One of the premiere nanotechnology research facilities

Located in Stanford University’s Science and Engineering Quad 2 (SEQ2), the Nanotechnology Center is a multidisciplinary research and teaching centre that provides vital facilities for experiments, measurements, and synthesis at one billionth of a metre. As the third Arup designed building in the four building quad, the Nanotechnology Center will be a hub of research and education for the School of Engineering and the entire university. The building supports three user groups: Photon and Quantum Science and Engineering, Nano Science and Engineering, and Biological Science and Engineering.

The Center also aims to define a new standard for the performance and livability of lab buildings on the Stanford Campus. The building offers occupants high performance air and water systems, on-site renewable energy, and an advanced campus central utility interconnection. As a result of Arup’s life cycle cost analysis of high performance transformers, Stanford has adopted high performance transformers on this and every future new and replacement building on campus. The savings are so large that when fully implemented, the policy savings equal the energy consumption of the Nanocenter, thereby zeroing out its additional energy consumption through campus scale efficiency improvement.

Arup provided mechanicalelectrical, and plumbing engineering, as well as fire design, structural vibration analysis, lightingacoustics, and sustainability consulting services for this 100,000ft2 21st century facility.