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Sunstar Communication Park; Sunstar Communication Park;

Sunstar Communication Park, Takatsuki city, Osaka

A sustainable workspace where wellness meets technology

Located in Takatsuki city of Osaka Prefecture, the Sunstar Communication Park was completed in November 2020, serving as the new headquarters of Sunstar Inc. The office complex is designed as an interactive communication hub for the local community while promoting communication, health and wellness among employees.

To realise the client’s vision, Arup provided multidisciplinary services including structural, MEP, lighting, acoustics and project management consultancy in collaboration with design architects Kobayashi Maki Design Workshop (kmdw) and KAJIMA DESIGN.

Project Summary

12m Atrium ceiling height

S highest rankCASBEE Wellness Office Certification

15,000 Garden area

A people and environmentally friendly office

With a total GFA of approximately 7,000m², the three-storey building comprises offices and public facilities including a restaurant and a showroom on the ground floor for workers and local residents to enjoy.

The structure design and building services were carefully tailored to create open, high-ceilinged office spaces. Our engineering team ensured a well-lit and ventilated environment while utilising natural light and ventilation through the skylight and atrium in the centre of the building to reduce energy consumption.

Large garden and lawn area with seasonal colors

We also helped the building obtain the highest rating in CASBEE-Wellness Office, a local certification system that assesses building specifications and performance, as well as the health and comfort of building users. The complex is surrounded by greenery which is irrigated by well water on-site.

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Optimised wellness and comfort through digital technologies

A range of smart building functions were implemented in this project, including an IoT-based air conditioning control system jointly developed by Arup and Uhuru Corporation. The IoT system enables employees to declare their preferred thermal comfort via smartphone, automatically setting the temperature in each HVAC zone to increase the thermal satisfaction of the employees while optimising energy efficiency. We also developed an algorithm to control the HVAC, including self-adjustable thermal control that interacts with the weather and temperature outside.

Cafe & restaurant on the 1st floor

A 3D ambient sound system has also been installed to neutralise the noise generated from the restaurant and offices, helping improve productivity and communication. In addition, employees can search the real-time locations of their colleagues with the WIFI indoor positioning system. In the event of a virus outbreak, this system allows for contact tracing and therefore can pinpoint the areas where sanitisation is needed.

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2021 34th NIKKEI New Office Award
2021 Good Design Award
Sunstar Communication Park Sunstar Communication Park