Sydney Electronic Ticketing – independent certifier, Sydney

Simple and convenient payment system to reduce travel times

The Greater Sydney Electronic Ticketing System (ETS) will provide a fast and simple payment system for passengers on multiple modes of transport, including trains, buses and ferries.

Arup is providing independent certifier services on the AU$1.2bn ETS project. The firm is responsible for reviewing the project design process and determining whether the delivery contractor’s work has been completed in accordance with the Project Deed requirements.

Arup brings a wealth of independent transport consultancy and civil engineering experience to Sydney’s ETS project. We are well placed to deliver this project having gained experience providing similar independent consultancy roles for the Gautrain Rapid Rail Link project in South Africa, and on the transformation of Melbourne’s iconic Southern Cross Station.

– Nick Turton, Arup Project Director.

Modelled on comparable successful systems – like Transport for London’s ‘Oyster’ card – Sydney’s ETS will enable passengers to ‘tag-on’ by presenting their smart card to a reader before boarding transport in serviced areas. The appropriate ticket price is deducted from the user’s smart card account. Better travel data will also be collected, assisting operators in planning and service delivery.

The roll out of the smart card system commenced in 2013.

Key delivery partners

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) has contracted with the Pearl Consortium to deliver Sydney's integrated electronic ticketing system. The Pearl Consortium is led by Cubic Transportation Systems (Australia) and its partners Downer EDI and the Commonwealth Bank.

Arup has teamed up with Grant Thornton, the audit and advisory firm and Edgar, Dunn & Company, a specialist payments consultancy, and will draw on selected resources from global IT firm Logica to deliver independent certifier services.

Arup’s approach has been developed in line with a shared belief that the solution design is a critical factor in the project’s success.

An integrated approach

The successful rollout of Sydney's ETS will require a series of engineering, IT, business, organisational and operational design challenges to be addressed. "Few other companies have the necessary depth and breadth of experience covering the range of disciplines involved in delivering this critical role", says Nick Turton, Arup Project Director.

Arup was invited to tender for the independent certifier role as a pre-qualified supplier under the NSW Department of Commerce panel for Performance and Management Services. 

Through this panel Arup is able to provide a range of infrastructure and procurement advisory services to NSW Government departments and agencies, including Performance Review and Organisational Capacity Development.