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Taipei Performing Arts Centre (c) Chris Stowers/ Courtesy OMA; Taipei Performing Arts Centre (c) Chris Stowers/ Courtesy OMA;

Taipei Performing Arts Centre, Taipei

The three theatre can be combined in different ways to create unique performance spaces

This 50,000m² complex consists of a 1,500-seat Grand Theatre, an 800-seat Multiform Theatre and an 800-seat Proscenium Playhouse. The design is inspired by a traditional Chinese wood block puzzle.

The three auditoria plug into a compact central cube that contains backstage areas, foyers, front-of-house and support facilities. This enables the theatres to be used independently or in combination with each other.

The acoustics, scenography and lighting systems are designed for performances ranging from classical Chinese opera to modern dance and rock concerts.

The main seating areas cantilever outside the central cube, supported by props. A public path inside the cube exposes parts of the backstage areas that would be hidden in typical theatres.


Project Summary

1500seat Grand Theatre

800seatProscenium Playhouse


Arup worked with OMA Architects to design the project throughout all stages with advice on structuremechanicalelectrical and public health engineeringbuilding physics and fire engineering.

Upon opening the centre will facilitate the development of local performing arts groups and add to Taipei’s image as an international cultural hub.