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Chief technical advisor for the offshore wind development program

Taiwan is an island that highly relies on imported energy (97-99%) to sustain its power supply. Besides conventional fossil-fired generation, nuclear power had been a solution for decades. However, public opposition to nuclear power has been mounting since the Fukushima incident. As a result, renewable energy has now become the most prominent option towards the new low-carbon and less-import-dependency energy portfolio for the next decades.

Project Summary

97-99% energy imported to sustain Taiwan's power supply 

3000MWtargeted to be generated by wind power by 2025

The offshore wind source

Among the renewables, offshore wind is regarded as one of the most attractive renewables to be developed since the potential capacity is estimated to be at least 6-10GW in the Taiwan Strait and it has many successful examples in Europe. Spacious sea area with strong wind in the Taiwan Strait enables the planning of large-scaled utility-class offshore wind farms.

In support of the Taiwanese offshore wind development programme, Arup has been appointed by the Taiwanese Government, through Industrial Technology Research Institute, to provide detailed technical consultancy support to the local developers. The services include extensive offshore wind training courses, technical design review, quality assurance, project management and development of technical protocols for the Taiwanese offshore wind industry according to the international standards.

Our ongoing scope includes a market study of key attributes of the Taiwan offshore wind market, in particular offshore wind project varying in size.