The development of the Thames River waterfront in London, focusing on the area around Blackfriars, and named King's Reach Development, has necessitated the building of a new river wall.

Some 200m long and 15m away from the existing masonry wall, this required approximately 3000m2 of land to be reclaimed from the river which quite naturally broadened the scope of the development. We explore Arup's involvement in this project in greater detail in this issue.

Other articles include The structural use of stainless steel; A concrete platform for the North Sea, UK; Review of awards gained in 1973 for jobs designed by Arup Associates Architects, Engineering and Quality Surveyors; Review of awards gained in 1973 for jobs which Ove Arup & Partners have been associated; Kazerne Viaduct, South Africa.

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The Arup Journal 1973 - Issue 4