"The modern 'office block', in conjunction with the urban motorway, has become a prime symbol of today's 'built vandalism', masquerading in the clothes of the 'built environment'. The 'unacceptable face· of architecture, lending its name to commercial exploitation."

These are the words of Philip Dowson in his article entitled 'Offices' in this issue of the Arup Journal. In this article, Philip explores the design of offices, positing that the real purpose of these buildings should be to provide a positive place in which to work.

Other articles in this issue include Byker Viaduct for light rail in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK; New headquarters for the Scottish Widows Fund and Life Assurance Society in Edinburgh, UK; The Tower at Doha, Qatar; Computer controlled environments; and Structural Steel Design Award 1977 for Bush Lane House.

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The Arup Journal 1977 - Issue 4