In this special issue of The Arup Journal, we publish all the papers presented at an internal geotechnics seminar held in June 1981.

Papers include, an introduction by Martyn Stroud: Local reports (Australia: Ken Gilbert; Papua New Guinea: Clive Humphries; Hong Kong: Andrew Chan; Middle East: Andrew Lord; South Africa: Graham Plant; Ireland: Peter Langford; Scotland: Howard Roscoe; Wales and West: Gabe Treharne; Birmingham: Alan Turner; London: Martyn Stroud); Geotechnical problems associated with the construction of Chater Station, Hong Kong; Designing for the effects of windblown sand along the new Jeddah/Riyadh/Dammam Expressway in Saudi Arabia; Load settlement characteristics of a demolition debris treated by the dry process of vibro-flotation; The design of sheet pile walls; The role of aerial photography and satellite imagery in site and route selection and appraisal; North West Territories, Hong Kong; A35 Charmouth, Dorset — by-pass alternatives; Queensland power stations, Australia; Botswana feeder roads; Construction of embankments on soft clays.

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The Arup Journal 1982 - Issue 1