Renault, Swindon, can perhaps be seen as a member of a family of steel roof structures on which the firm has worked.

This particular building forms the National Parts Distribution Centre for Renault UK and also houses their regional office. The brief required 20,000m2 of warehouse, a training school, a showroom and an office, totalling in all some 25,000m2. A principally single storey building with a footprint of that size would clearly imply a substantial earthworks contract on any site. In our first article of this issue we explore our civils and structural engineering work on this project.

Other articles in this issue include St David's Hall, Cardiff; Amersham International plc; New factory at Abercanaid - a speculative development in Wales; Proposed hydrodynamic complex at Glasgow University (all UK).

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The Arup Journal 1983 - Issue 3