Unlike normal buildings - which are built once and do not move - the two IBM Travelling Technology Exhibition pavilions will each be built and dismantled 10 times.

The aim of the exhibition is to present computer technology to young people in familiar surroundings. The architect Renzo Piano, working with Arup, chose to do this by giving the building a transparent skin. In our first article, we look at how we were able to bring Piano's vision to life.

Other articles in this issue include The Shopping Mall, Ashley centre in Epsom, UK; Expert or knowledge based systems: consequences for the industry; Anugraha, Dell Park Conference Centre – a new facility including auditorium created within large Victorian house, UK; Structural Steel Design Awards 1984 including a brief descriptions of Liverpool International Garden Festival and Renault Centre, Swindon, UK.

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The Arup Journal 1984 - Issue 4