Ove's commitment to 'Total Design ' is probably his greatest contribution to our profession in particular and to society in general. In this special issue of the Arup Journal, we re-print a number of his lectures and papers giving insight into the man and his thinking.

Articles include: The world of the structural engineer; Design of piled jetties and piers; Planning in reinforced concrete; London's shelter problem, UK; Science and world planning; Shell construction; Modern architecture: the structural fallacy; Coventry Cathedral: how the plan took shape, UK; The problem of producing quality in building; Advances in engineering; Architects, engineers and builders; "Key speech" (1970: Given to meeting of the Arup Organisation — reprinted from The Arup Journal, 5(4), pp2-5, December 1970); The built environment (Ove's 1972 inaugural speech to the Building Services Engineering Society); Institution of Structural Engineers Gold Medal Speech (1973: Speech on receipt of the ISE Gold Medal); The Building Centre (a talk given at the Building Centre, London, UK).

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The Arup Journal 1985 - Issue 1