In 1985 the Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust decided to develop a new football stadium with a capacity for 40 OOO people.

Awarded the commission via a competition win in 1985, Arup provided structural and civil engineers for the project. The key design challenges included the creation of a stadium that would be the equal of its global peers, remaining sympathetic to its location and providing a solution that remained financially attractive to the client.

Moving to London, we explore our work on the Broadgate ice rink. Broadgate is now a major financial services hub in the CIty of London. The first four phases of development at Broadgate have been designed by Arup Associates and provide a total built area of 154,000m2. The ice rink will form a place of interest for the development, forming an amphitheatre across four floors and is surrounded by terraces and colonnades.

Other articles in this issue include: ‘Continuing education and training: where do we go from here?’ by Jack Zunz; The St Enoch Centre – a retail centre in Glasgow, UK, under 30,000m2 glazed envelope; and a risk analysis for the Channel Tunnel, UK/France.

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The Arup Journal 1989 - Issue 1