This issue's cover photo comes from the Karasu Viaduct, which forms part of the Kinali-Sakarya Motorway in Turkey. Arup formed part of a joint venture that supervised the construction of the motorway which included associated viaduct and tunnel works.

In Switzerland, Arup designed the glazed steel barrel-vault roof above an important new transport interchange in Chur, the structural concept for which came from Peter Rice. The roof won the Swiss ECCS (European Convention for Steel Construction) Award for 1993.

In North East England, Arup was commissioned to examine the possibilities for development of a railway line in the upper valley of the River Wear, in County Durham. One section was to be closed, and among our proposals was its re-opening as a steam line for tourists.

We also hear from Sir Jack Zunz who asks, 'how fair is the engineer's image?' His article posits that in the 19th century British engineering had a clear and strong positive public image, something which has been gradually lost. Sir Jack looks at some of the reasons for this, and considers some potential remedies.

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The Arup Journal 1993 - Issue 2