In this issue, we begin with a look at our work on Stockley Park business park. First involved in the early 1980s, when we developed the original masterplan, we are now working to create a new generation of office buildings characterised by high quality natural materials.

Moving focus to the Netherlands and our expanding practice, we look at our work on the VPRO broadcasting company's headquarters. Together with the architectural practice MVRDV, Ove Arup & Partners led the design team's efforts to give the client new premises that retained the desired characteristics of their former 'villa' accommodation.

Discover how an innovative approach to the structural design and services allowed the creation of continuous internal spaces across the deep floor plan, generously penetrated by natural air and light routes.

We also explore work to create the first low energy building in Germany via a 56 storey apartment building in Eastern Berlin. Our concept includes thermal zoning, controlled ventilation in winter, and automatic controls to eliminate simultaneous use of mechanical and natural systems.

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The Arup Journal 1998 - Issue 3