For 20 years the Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation has been a significant client for Arup in Hong Kong. This period has seen a substantial growth of the KCRC's railway network to meet the needs of an expanding population in Hong Kong, and rapidly developing domestic and inter-city services with major cities in mainland China.

Since 2003, new lines have been added to the network with the initial phase of West Rail which is covered in this special issue of The Arup Journal followed in 2004 by the extensions for East Rail on Ma On Shan Rail and the Tsim Sha Tsu, Extension. Our projects for these lines, together with our involvement in the Lok Ma Chau Spur Line, will be covered in a further special issue of The Arup Journal. 

Arup has played a significant role in the design and provision of many specialist inputs as well as construction supervision in all of these projects.

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The Arup Journal 2006 - Issue 3