In the latest issue of The Arup Journal, read about two power generation projects in East Asia with sustainable missions, two infrastructure projects improving freight transport in Northern Europe, and two awe-inspiring buildings at opposite ends of the earth that make innovative use of traditional materials.

The power generation projects are: Hong Kong’s waste-to-energy sewage sludge treatment plant - architecturally beautiful and technically advanced - and the Malampaya deep-water depletion compression platform, built to sustain the use of natural gas, rather than coal, for power generation in the Philippines.

In transport infrastructure, the Ipswich Chord enhances the UK’s rail freight capacity, while Utrecht’s Galecopper Bridge, newly strengthened, widened and raised in height, carries a 12-lane motorway over the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal and accommodates increasingly tall container barges beneath.

Those awe-inspiring buildings are in the UK and Australia. Sky’s Believe in Better Building, near London, makes innovative use of sustainable wood, while The Dr Chau Chak Wing Building at Sydney’s University of Technology – pictured on The Arup Journal’s front cover - is architect Frank Gehry’s first building in Australia, notable for its astonishing use of brick and glass.

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The Arup Journal 2015 - Issue 2