Adding capacity and connectivity to transport infrastructure are key themes in the latest issue of The Arup Journal. There are articles on completing Phase 1 of New York’s Second Avenue Subway, delivering Hong Kong International Airport Midfield Concourse, and planning Phase 1 of HS2, the UK’s second high-speed rail line.

Also in this issue, read how we’ve been working on new gallery space at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, with its sparkling façade which is sure to become a new landmark in the city; an elegant cathedral in Kenya’s seismic Rift Valley, and a versatile concert hall in Poland that forms part of a regional economic growth strategy.

Pictured on the front cover is one of the four stations now open on Second Avenue Subway: a line that was first suggested in the 1920s, but took many years to bring to fruition. 

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The Arup Journal 2017 - Issue 1