Since 1966, The Arup Journal has been our firm’s ‘journal of record’ documenting some of our more challenging projects and explaining how we approached them. In this anniversary issue, we examine key aspects of some of the many projects featured over the years.

What is unique about this issue of the magazine is that each short article links to a full-length story in a past Arup Journal, making the source material for the summaries readily available.

Also in this issue, well-known Arupians – past and present – have penned their thoughts on what each decade since the 1960s has meant for the firm and our industry. Their opinions on the trends and projects that paved the way into the future are complemented by commentary from some of the designers and engineers who worked on the projects.

A commemorative image on the inside back pages features the front covers of all copies of The Arup Journal ever published.

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The Arup Journal 50th anniversary issue