The Barai, Hyatt Regency , Hua Hin

A luxury residential spa

The Barai is a luxury residential spa at Hyatt Regency Hua Tin, featuring eight residential spa suites with 18 private spa treatment suites, a tranquillity court and pool for relaxation, yoga and meditation sessions and McFarland House - an elegant beachfront casual dining area.

Inspired by the Khmer cultural heritage, the Barai's architecture and interior design represents the glory of the Khmer style of art, combined with the heritage of other art styles.

Arup was responsible for the mechanical and electrical system design for the site utilities and infrastructure as well as building and associated facilities. The project was built on a fast-track programme of 28 months.

Opening in March 2007, the Barai provides guests with an unravelled journey of calm, pleasure and satisfaction.