The Crown Estate, London

Arup developed a business-wide IT strategy and evaluation framework

The Crown Estate is one of the UK’s largest property owners. It exists to benefit the taxpayer by paying revenue from crown-owned assets directly to the Treasury and to enhance the value of the estate and the income it generates.

As part of a programme of change, The Crown Estate decided to move headquarters. Arup was appointed to design and specify a broad range of new IT systems; however, after discussing The Crown Estate’s corporate objectives, it was clear that the organisation needed more than a world-class head office. It needed a vision of the future IT needs of the whole business and a holistic framework for evaluating investments in IT.

Over four years, Arup’s expertise in IT had a profound effect on The Crown Estate. Arup developed a business-wide IT strategy and evaluation framework that guides The Crown Estate’s procurement of IT and ensures that its investments provide the best possible fit and value.

It is impossible to separate the impact of the IT programme from the wider programme of change, but IT has played an important part. In 2005, the estate held a property value of £5bn (2004/05 year end = £5.090bn). In 2008, its value had been enhanced to £7.3bn, while the revenue surplus (profit in all but name) passed to the Exchequer topped £200m.

“The Crown Estate has worked with Arup for over four years on a variety of successful projects and strategic change programmes. During this time Arup has consistently shown leadership, clarity of vision, and has improved the quality of IT delivery. Our experience of Arup is that they combine real business knowledge with excellent personal skills” comments John Lelliott, Director of Finance, The Crown Estate.