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The Seasons Residences, Taguig

Innovative damper system to ensure resilience

The Seasons Residences, rising alongside Grand Hyatt Manila, is a lifestyle complex with Japanese-inspired retail and residential units. It consists of four towers symbolising the four seasons.

Arup was commissioned to provide technical advice on the structural design during masterplanning and concept design stage and was later commissioned to provide full structural engineering services and engineering support during construction. The Manila office worked in collaboration with San Francisco, London and Hong Kong offices on the project.

Project Summary

4 towers with heights ranging from 154m to 184m

3basement levels with 8 podium levels above

253,000total floor area

Innovative damper system

Under the approved architectural design, each of the tower footprints are in a relative aspect ratio that’s highly sensitive to both wind and earthquake. The architectural requirements also limit the structural zone, posing great challenges to achieve an effective structural performance. Our main task is therefore to provide a design that ensures safety, resilience and cost effectiveness.

Through a performance-based design approach, we introduced the innovative viscoelastic coupling dampers (VCD). This type of damper is made up of a viscoelastic polymer manufactured by 3M which provides instantaneous viscous and elastic restoring forces when in shear. The use of VCD provided additional damping for wind and earthquake, reduced the force imposed to the tower and allowed the structure to achieve a ductile performance.

Multidisciplinary BIM coordination

Due to high tower aspect ratios, stringent design requirements and limited working space inside the towers, we employed building information modelling (BIM) technology throughout the project, resulting in efficient coordination between disciplines.